Turns out, this guy was busted for possession of stolen property, besides scuffing, scraping and denting a patrol car.

Tuesday afternoon, Officers Brewster and Orth of the Pasco PD paid a visit to the Pasco Flea Market. As often happens, officers will stop by locations, mingle with the community at events, and talk with citizens. Good PR, and they can often get tips about crimes etc.

Upon returning to their car, Officer Orth noticed scratch and dent marks across the hood of his unit. As the Pasco PD Facebook said, not likely a pigeon with 'size 12 feet' could have made these.

However, cars are equipped with cutting edge video cameras, which are left running whenever they're out on patrol, moving or not. A quick view showed the officers who made the marks.

Brett Rehn is the man pictured who approaches the car, vaults on the hood and makes his way across. Officers found he had stolen property on his person after tracking him down. If you watch the very beginning of the video, it almost appears he has taken something from a vendor booth, looks over his shoulder, then walks away.

Either way, he's facing the theft charges. Way to go Birdman!

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