15 WHL teams paused due to COVID issues, however next Wed. game still on (Getty)
15 WHL teams paused due to COVID issues, however next Wed. game still on (Getty)








As if the weather were not enough of an issue, now the Tri-City Americans are on the list of 15 WHL clubs who've had activities "paused" by the league due to COVID protocols.


While the Americans are on the list, their opponent for the Wednesday January 12th game in Everett are not, and the Am's game is NOT listed as canceled by the league.

The Americans games Friday Jan 7th vs. Seattle at Toyota Center and Saturday vs. Everett (a home and home, Toyota then Everett) and Sunday on the road were scrubbed because all four major Cascade Mountain passes are expected to be closed until Sunday.

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From the WHL on the canceled games (which will be made up later):

"The Western Hockey League announced today the following update on WHL COVID-19 Protocols, including current pausing of team activities for 15 WHL Clubs, resumption of team activities for one WHL Club, and the postponement of eight WHL Regular Season games."

The league went on to say:

"WHL Clubs are responsible for monitoring for symptoms of COVID-19 among players and hockey operations staff on a daily basis. Upon a player or hockey operations staff member exhibiting symptoms, the individual completes a rapid antigen test and isolates. If the rapid antigen test result is positive, the individual is sent for a PCR test to confirm the positive result and determine next steps.

If there are multiple rapid antigen positive test results for COVID-19, all team activities are paused immediately. "

The league listed the 8 games that are affected by these 15 teams, however, Tri-City is still slated to play Everett 1-12. Spokane will have to make up 3 games, 2 from this weekend and their Wednesday game next week as well.

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