This is for all breastfeeding mothers traveling through Sea-Tac airport there's a new comfy private space to not only feed baby but a place to pump breast milk

Mamava pod

The new pod's are called Mamava and there are two of them now in place at Sea-Tac one resides in the A Concourse and the other is located North Train Station...the pods cost around $11,000 and have space for Mom Baby and at least one other child and have electricity for pumping breast milk!

From Mamava's Facebook this is why these pods had been created:

We believe that breast is best but understand that many mamas need to be away from their children for work, travel, social, health, and other reasons.

We believe that it is a good thing for mamas to be on the go, but that they shouldn’t have to use a breast pump in a bathroom, storage area, dressing room, or any other undesirable location.

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