A conservative political leader who announced in February he was running for U.S. Senate against Maria Cantwell has moved a visit to the Tri-Cities to John Dam Plaza for Saturday, March 24th, because of threats against the venue.

Joey Gibson is the founder of a group known as Patriot Prayer. Gibson is a former football coach and now works in real estate, according to Oregonlive, and his group is known for leading rallies and marches into areas considered 'liberal hotbeds' on the West coast. You may not have heard a lot about him here, but he's fast making a name for himself after numerous 'clashes' and confrontations with liberal protestors on the West side.  It appears he has mastered the art of using tactics normally reserved for Antifa and other leftists, and utilized some of them against them.

His group has marched through downtown Portland, had clashes with Antifa members and other groups. Some accuse him and his members of 'heavy handed' tactics and baiting liberal groups, others say his pushback is needed against the 'terroristic' activities of Portland and Seattle groups. A self-proclaimed 'moderate libertarian,' the native of Camas, WA plans to visit the Tri-Cities on Saturday, March 24.

According to information given to Newstalk870, his original rally  was to be staged in a Kennewick hotel but was cancelled after the hotel received threats from what Gibson's people said were the same leftist group who threatened Portland's Rose Parade in 2017. The hotel received threats and calls, enough to cancel the event. According to Gibson's information release:

"A candidate for U. S. Senate in Washington State had planned a meet and greet at a local hotel in Kennewick for this Saturday. He has been the subject of yet another threatening campaign by those on the left, and those who align with them and use lawless tactics.

They mounted a campaign to call the hotel, and the hotel's owners, with lies about the candidate, including threats and intimidation should the hotel host the candidate."

Gibson will stage his rally at the John Dam Plaza, Saturday, from 11am to 2pm in Richland.  We asked which venue was the one receiving threats, but Gibson's people said they did not want to focus on the activities of those making threats, and did not want to further 'expose' the hotel to such hostile actions.

More about Gibson and his grassroots campaign can be found here.


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