Location of Richland carjacker (Google street view)
Location of Richland carjacker (Google street view)

A wild and dangerous Saturday for Richland Police and Benton County Deputies

Car Prowler steals woman's car

Saturday afternoon, Richland Police were dispatched to a report of a car prowl in the 1400  block of Tapteal Drive in Richland.

A Benton County Deputy was nearby and responded, and upon arrival he saw the suspect exiting a car with armfuls of stolen items. The man refused to cooperate  and got  back inside. The Deputy notified Police and then the man jumped into the car parked next to the car he was breaking into.

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The suspect, whose name was not released, yelled at the woman to get out, but she refused. The suspect then tried  to drive away with one woman in the front passenger seat and another hanging  onto the car, along  with the Deputy. He'd been trying to help get her away from the car.

The suspect sped across the parking lot of Kohl's before stopping just before the outside wall of the store. A Richland  officer blocked the suspect from behind  while the Deputy with his K-9 vehicle, blocked the front. But this was not before the suspect had rammed both vehicles.

 Suspect rammed Sheriff's Cruiser with K-9 still inside.

The Deputy, and Richland Police along with the K-9 were finally able to subdue the man. According to officers, he was strongly suspected of being intoxicated. The list of charges he's now facing is long, according to Richland Police:

"one count of RCW 9A.36.021, assault in the 2nd degree against a police officer, and two counts of RCW 9A.36.031, assault in the 3rd degree against a police officer and the female-domestic violence, one count of RCW 46.61.500, driving under the influence, and one count of RCW 9A.36.050, reckless endangerment."

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