One of the advertisers who chose to drop their sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh show has seen the bottom drop out.

Carbonite, the online backup service, announced they were pulling their advertising from the Rush Limbaugh show in the wake of his March 2 comments about Ms. Fluke and her stand on the government paying for her birth control.

CEO David Friend did not accept Limbaugh's apology. Apparently Carbonite customers did accept Rush's words and Carbonite was one of, if not the biggest, loser Monday on Wall Street.

Their stock dropped 12 percent -- the biggest fall on NASDAQ by a 75 percent margin -- and it was also one of the biggest droppers Tuesday.

Locally, Newstalk 870 has seen a number of posts in our social media, including Facebook, about irate Carbonite customers who cancelled their service over the issue.

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