Nobody will ever 'replace' Rush Limbaugh.

HE was the Dale Earnhardt of Talk Radio.  HE was the 800 lb gorilla, the Godfather.

And sadly, God felt it was time to call him home.

But we are proud to announce coming next week, following June 21st, Dan Bongino will be bringing his show to Newstalk870AM FM 98.7 for the 9AM to Noon slot weekdays.

Bongino, a former Presidential Security Detail guard (one of THOSE guys) Secret Service agent extraordinaire and hard-hitting opinionated commentator, is no stranger to the Newstalk audience.

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For years he's filled in for Mark Levin weekday afternoons, and captured people with his wit, knowledge and character.  We knew this day was coming, that he would get his own show.

And now, it happens.   Keep listening to Newstalk870 this next week. In the meantime, we will be airing encore Mark Levin shows 9-noon until Bongino debuts.

Next week, following June 21 on Newstalk870.


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