Across the nation thousands are taking part in "A Day Without Immigrants." This boycott is message in response to Presidential promises to increase deportation, build a wall between Mexico and the US and the immigration ban from some Muslim countries. The boycott calls for people to stay at home: no work, so school, not to buy gas, shop online, and other actions.

According to the organizers, the goal is to show the current Presidential administration and the nation the value and importance of immigrants, and is an effort to support Hispanic and immigrant workers, their purchasing power, and to make all immigrants feel welcome in this country. They state that it's not to promote illegal immigration, but to support immigrants who contribute to the US economy, culture, and community.  Below there is a list of businesses around the Tri-Cities that will be closed in solidarity with this event:

  • Fiesta Foods
  • Ez fix cell phone Repair
  • La Placita Mexican Restaurant
  • Vieras Bakery
  • El Azadero
  • Vinny's Bakery
  • Bamboo Mongolian Grill
  • Finders Insurance
  • OK Auto Sales
  • Súper Mex
  • Mr Car Auto Sales
  • El Sazón
  • Garibaldi Mexican Resturant

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