Kennewick police are searching for suspects accused of using card skimmers at various gas pumps in the Tri-Cities to obtain account and PIN numbers.

Wednesday, police released these images of alleged suspects, who tried to use some of these stolen accounts. Police did not say which gas stations had the skimmers, but  the account numbers and PINS were taken. Police were alerted to the fraud when several customers called them (and their financial institutions) reporting unauthorized withdrawals and transfers were made from their accounts.

Thieves used the stolen information to stamp fake debit cards which were used at ATM machines.

A fast investigation led to the discovery of the skimmers. These are "aftermarket" devices attached to pay-at-the-pump stations that capture account and PIN numbers.

Anyone who has any information or recognizes them please call (509)-628-0333.

We're hoping they're local, as all too often many of these skimmer criminals are from out of town. They swoop in, place their skimmers, steal money from accounts, then leave town. Some sources say between 25-28 accounts were affected.

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