Richland Police say the devices have been detected and removed, but currently no reports of others.

  Walmart officials find, and remove card skimmers

Richland Police did not specify the exact dates they were located but said several credit-debit card skimming devices were located inside the Richland Walmart.

A skimmer is a device that allows a thief to steal, or skim, personal data from a card being swiped, including pin numbers.



  The 'evolution' of skimmers has moved quickly. The 'original' tools were usually found at gas pumps, a device that snapped in place around and over the top of the existing card swiper. It would then steal the data off of cards.

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The earlier models were easy to detect, and could often be pulled off the pump with a tug. But then they became more sophisticated. Usually, they were installed at the pumps furthest away from the entrance to the convenience store and often done in the dark.

 Richland PD says these were found at registers around the store

These images in our story show the skimmers, which were  'attached' to the existing ones at checkouts. No word if any, or how many consumers may have been affected. RPD says this current issue is confined to the Richland Walmart only. This one is designed to fit over the top of an existing machine.


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