A man called Townsquare Media's front desk Thursday morning and announced there were two bombs located at Columbia Basin College in Pasco. He said the first was in the H Building and would go off at 1 p.m. The other was in a different location, and would be found after the explosion. Pasco police were notified instantly.Receptionist Alex Linnen said the call was at about 11:45 a.m. After answering, the man paused for a second and then delivered his message and hung up.

Halfway through I started writing everything he was saying on a sticky note. I realized he had said the phrase, 'two bombs,'" Linnen said. "It was a male voice, sounded low pitch, possibly changed but I'm not sure. It sounded very confident in what he was saying. It didn't sound like a prank call. He didn't sound young by any means... it scared me."

The campus was notified quickly and shut down. An officer arrived at the studios to interview Linnen shortly after noon.

The H Building is the largest building on campus, frequently referred to as "the hub." It contains the cafeteria, bookstore, commons area and more.

Captain Jim Raymond of the Pasco Police Department said a press conference would be given.

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