The threat was reportedly left on a voice mail and apparently heard by workers Tuesday morning as they arrived at the business.

Pasco Police, Franklin County Deputies, and the Hanford Patrol Bomb Squad responded to the Truss Company north of Pasco, on Highway 12 near the Pasco-Kahlotus Road exit.

Hanford Patrol (
Hanford Patrol (

Both the Truss Company and Great Northwest Transport were evacuated until officials determined both buildings were safe.  Officials didn't say when the threat came into the business, only that it was reportedly left on voice mail.

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It appears to be strange, a private business receiving such a threat, but authorities have not elaborated on that.

Investigators are working now to determine the validity of the threat, and try to find the person(s) who made it.

Traffic on the Highway was disrupted and workers were gathered a safe distance away until the buildings were cleared and found to be safe.


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