Monday, a worker at the Three Rivers Convention Center was arrested for an alleged bomb threat over the weekend.

Kennewick police arrested a man after it was determined he sent the email claiming a bomb would go off at the Three Rivers Convention Center.

When workers arrived for work at the Center Saturday morning, they discovered the email, which read:

"There will be a bomb going off tomorrow at 6pm at the Three Rivers Convention Center.  This is not a hoax. This is real."

The email, which was actually sent on Friday, was traced back to the Wi-Fi system at the McDonald's Restaurant at Gage and Steptoe, around 3:45pm. The sender obviously intended workers to think the bomb would go off at 6pm Saturday.

Then, using surveillance camera footage police determined the person who sent it was 27-year-old Spencer Evers, who actually WORKS at the Convention Center!

He was arrested arrested Monday at work, and is facing felony bomb threat charges.  Police didn't say what his motive was for sending the email threat. No evidence was found at the center that such a bomb existed.

We're thinking he probably didn't like his job, or wanted day off for the weekend.

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