We recently found out nearly 9 percent of all Facebook accounts are fake (spam, fraud, or animals). How about Twitter followers?

Millions of celebs Twitter followers are fake

There's a new app available now that will scan and search people who are following you on Twitter, and tell you just how many of them are fake! Fake Follower Check will scan your accounts and determine how many are spam.

We've all heard about famous people such as Ashton Kutcher, or Lady Gaga who have reportedly millions of followers. Well,  hold on. Fake Follower Check ran through their accounts and came up with these surprising (or not so surprising) statistics:

For Lady Gaga, who's account shows over 28 million following on Twitter...

  • 35% fake (spam or otherwise not 'real')  many of them are spam generating 'robots' designed to spew out spam, fraud, or other money-making schemes.
  • 30% of her followers were rated as "inactive", meaning  it has been months since any activity has occured on the account.
  • only 30% of her followers were rated as "good," meaning they regularly interact and use the social network for its intended purpose.

This means when she sends out a "tweet" only about 9.33 million real people will actually see - and perhaps comment or react to it. The rest of the followers are worthless!

Early Twitter King Ashton Kutcher, who was way ahead of most celebrities until recently, shows 11.94 million followers. After Fake Follower Check ran his numbers,  it really dwindles:

  • 34% fake
  • 41% inactive
  • 25% good.

That would put his actual number of 'tweet' recipients at about 2.98 million (and change).

Fake Follower Check claims if you have less then 10,000 followers, they will provide a "very accurate" account of who's real and who's not on your account. For those with millions, they say it will still provide accurate ballpark data to within a few "ten thousands." When you're talking about 11 to 28 million, that's not too bad, really.

So the next time you hear about some celebrity claiming to have 100,000,  or 20 million followers, just remember Fake Follower Check and realize it's not as big a deal as they try to make it seem.

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