Keep your radar detector, but shut off your smart phone…that is if you want to speed. In an new initiative to keep drivers from being distracted by their cell phones, the Highway Electronic Radio Enforcement Squad (HERES) has been created. HERES will be dealing out speeding tickets that will be added onto your monthly cell phone bill. The new system, which goes into effect in most states today, uses the GPS feature of your cell phone to track the speed at which you are traveling. If you are speeding while your smart phone is turned on, you could see an additional charge on your monthly bill. The new law states that $50 will be added to your cell phone bill for every mile per hour you are traveling over the speed limit. An additional $25/mph will be added to your ticket if the infraction occurs in a construction or school zone.

What if I’m traveling as a passenger in a vehicle?
You will still be cited – so you’ll have to either turn off your smart phone or watch the speed of the driver you’re traveling with.

What about on airplanes?
You’re suppose to have your phone off on planes before you go down the runway. Make sure it is in airplane mode. (A new law is being considered to site those who don’t turn off their phones on planes – this citation would show on your phone bill as well.)

For more on this story, visit the HERES homepage.

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