After a few weeks of upheaval in the Benton County Sheriff's office, charges against Benton County Sheriff Jerry Hatcher are being dismissed.

The charges included felony witness tampering and 4th-degree assault. The charges stemmed from filings from his soon to be ex-wife Monica Hatcher who claimed that Sherrif Hatcher tried to strangle her after she discovered an affair between the Sheriff and his social media manager.

Mrs. Hatcher said she was pressured into signing papers that exonerated her husband of any wrongdoing.

An order to dismiss the charges was filed to dismiss the case after a special prosecutor from Spokane reviewed and investigated the allegations. The statement read a lack of evidence hence the dismissal but the case and charges could still be re-filed at a later date.

Sheriff Hatcher's Attorney released a statement "saying his client could now get back to work".

You can read more details on the case here.    

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