Back in June, we reported the Washington State Auditor was combing through the books of the City of Wapato, finding some very interesting and disturbing things. And now, a former worker has been charged.

Gloria Acosta, a former city clerk, has been accused of stealing money intended for business operations, taxes, leases and even cemetery purposes between 2011 and 2017. She was with the city for at least 15 years, and was placed on administrative leave in 2017. According to the Auditor's report, Acosta would steal cash payments made by residents, then to balance the books, she would cash big checks made to the city, and split the difference.

She would falsify the books, saying residents paid by check, and the payment for leases or taxes came up short. That way, when big checks cashed, the receipts would balance.  In 2011, she allegedly stole about $4500, but then it escalated to over $100,000 in one year alone.

She is currently out of jail on bail, her next court appearance is set for Nov. 7.

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