Pasco PD emphasized they don't condone or encourage this from citizens, but did acknowledge the actions of some students helped them catch a car prowler.

  Pasco PD find the suspect tied up like a "pretzel"

Early Tuesday morning, Pasco PD was alerted to a car prowler making his rounds in a west Pasco neighborhood.

They did not specify the exact location, but said it was shortly before 6 AM. That certainly is light enough this time of year for people to notice a car prowler.

However, what the suspect did not know was, apparently some Chiawana HS athletes live in the area. The prowler had already taken some items from various cars, when he came face-to-face with several members of the Riverhawks State 4A Championship wrestling team, and apparently a few football players as well.

When Officer Smith arrived at the location after Dispatch received the call about the suspect, he was quite pleased, according to Pasco PD:

 "...he was most pleased to find the alleged suspect, Victor Gutierrez, folded up like a nice little pretzel awaiting a nice transport to the fabulous Franklin County Correction Accommodations."

Gutierrez admitted to the car prowling, and Officers found a stolen firearm in his bag, along with other items, fortunately, it was not on his person.

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Again, Pasco PD said they do not encourage citizens to take matters into own hands, but emphasize don't leave any valuables or guns in vehicles, lock them at all times when not occupied, and if you are able, perhaps install an alarm system.

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