The latest reading available was from 10AM Friday 9-11, but even by then, the ratings were off the charts.

The Benton Clean Air Authority has a monitoring station near Kellogg and Metaline in Kennewick, right by Tri-Tech. It's located on the roof of a building.

As of 10AM our air quality was considered hazardous.  That's based upon the PPM, or parts per million, of pollutants. We're in the dark red, or maroon zone.

Our air quality is worse than the overall state rating of 237. We're around 335. That means people should curtail outdoor strenuous activity-exercise.

Also a good idea to change your indoor air filter, especially if it's been a few months. Poor to hazardous air quality expected to last through Monday morning.

To find out more about the monitoring station, click  on the button below.

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