Smoke, haze turned our moon orange-red last night---Getty Images
Smoke, haze turned our moon orange-red last night---Getty Images

Thursday night's moon in the skies was orange-red, if you noticed.

Benton Clear Air Authority issues alert

Friday morning, September 9, the Benton Clean Air Agency (BCAA) issued an air quality alert due to the smoke and haze from regional fires.

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BCAA Air Quality Specialist John Lyle issued the alert which read in part:

"Benton County is currently experiencing elevated levels of smoke particulate due to wildfires in the region. The pollutant measured is PM2.5; particulate matter smaller than 2.5 microns. The Air Quality Index (AQI) is currently at Moderate. Changing weather conditions could see unhealthy levels of smoke thoughtout the weekend. Changes to the forecast could potentially cause a rise in particulate matter and individuals should prepare for higher smoke levels."

It is not known how long this alert will remain in place, the BCAA regularly issues updates and alerts daily, depending upon current weather conditions and changes.

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