Stores DO have the right to refuse to serve anyone, but how would YOU handle this sticky situation? A West Richland Circle K employee recognized a West Richland police officer (who was off-duty) and refused him service Tuesday. Now, West Richland officials plan a press conference to address the issue.   Turns out, the woman was recently been arrested during a traffic stop for an outstanding warrant!

The clerk, who's identity was not revealed, told Sgt. Duane Olsen he was not welcome at the Circle K on West Van Giesen Street, and refused to provide him service. Officials didn't say if any other employee assisted him.  Authorities didn't say if Olsen was her arresting officer, but she apparently recognized him as a policeman.

However, West Richland police have invited Circle K officials to attend the press conference, scheduled for Wednesday at 1:30pm.  No word on the current employment status of the woman.

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