The website closely tracks viral and other trends and movements on social media throughout the world, as well as breaking societal trends. And now, they've discovered a new trend that's actually surpassing one of the biggest.

Considering the avalanche of 'creepy clown' sightings and activity across the country, and the wave of scary and sometimes dangerous pranks pulled by people trying to capitalize on it, there had to be a backlash.

Now, there is. Move over #blacklivesmatter, make way for #clownlivesmatter. According to, that hashtag was started by a professional clown who does the scary stuff at a haunted house in Maryland. Jordan Jones reportedly was the first to be noticed after posting a number of social media items pushing back against the 'creepy clown' movement. It was quickly picked up by other professional clowns, both friendly and scary, who have seen their business hurt by this national, and even worldwide clown scare.

The hashtag began to be used in both the U.S. and across the pond in England. Now, says, it's set  up a furious social media battle on Facebook and Twitter.

Most experts believe the 'creepy clown' craze will fade away after Halloween, but professional clowns like Jones and others believe the damage done to their reputations and business will take a long time to repair.  Due to movies like Stephen King's "IT" and other shows and portrayals, clown business has taken a beating over the last decade or so.


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