About this time, people are thinking of warmer weather, perhaps Hawaii. But at least one part of the islands is not a place you want to visit.

The area is still active, and lava still flowing into ocean. Also, parts of the newly created land and others are falling into ocean.  But the biggest event occurred the afternoon of New Year's Eve.

The very active Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii has created what's been called the Kamokina Lava Flow, a massive highway of lava and rock that dwarfs any freeway you've ever seen. The flow has especially gotten busier over the last year. The volcano has been active for years, but this recent flow movement has been even more spectacular.

But December 31st,  a 26 ACRE chunk collapsed and fell into the Pacific Ocean, creating a Mt. St. Helens-like geyser of steam and smoke seen for miles. Watch this dramatic video, courtesy of Geology Page on You Tube. So if you're looking for warm sandy beaches, try the other islands. But if you want a pyrotechnic show, try this:


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