You may not know this, but a company named RCCH HealthCare Partners is almost approved to buy Lourdes Hospital and might buy Trios also when all is said and done. The great thing is that they want to invest over $18 million in the Tri-Cities facilities if they do!

The process is almost done for the Lourdes deal and when Trios exits bankruptcy this summer, they could be bought by RCCH also, according to news reports.

RCCH is a company based from Tennessee that specializes in health care in medium markets like the Tri-Cities.

“A market like Pasco is exactly what we do. We’re not in big urban markets and we’re not in little teeny, tiny rural towns,” says Jeff Atwood a RCCH spokesman.

The RCCH could not comment on a potential Trios deal yet. Once Trios comes out of bankruptcy a deal for purchase can be officially announced. They think that will be sometime around June or July.

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