The South Central Athletic Conference has dropped a hammer on Connell spring sports, over comments made towards two Zillah girls basketball players at a recent game.

A group of students over the weekend were captured on video shouting racist remarks including jokes about monkeys at the two sisters who are African-American. They shouted at them whenever they were shooting the ball.

According to reports, a Connell official intervened and told the students to stop, it is not clear if they were removed from the venue.

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Following an investigation, we've learned the SCAC has not only punished both Connell basketball programs, but the wrestling team and other fans as well.

Both boys and girls Connell basketball teams will not be allowed to participate in the SCAC post season event, seasons will end June 5.

The SCAC wrestling championships June 12 weekend will be moved from Connell to Wapato. 

 As of Thursday, May 27th, no Connell students, fans or parents will be allowed to attend any SCAC athletic event; only officially rostered players and coaches. This will be in effect until June 12th. 

Many comments on social media indicate people believe at the game when the incidents happened, the students should have been removed from the gym, or some other actions taken immediately when the behavior began; as opposed to doing an "investigation" afterwards.

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Connell Eagles (

While the SCAC and schools need to take any kind of hazing seriously, it appears punishing players, teams, fans, and coaches who might not even have been at the event is going too far.

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