Coyote Ridge (DOC)
Coyote Ridge (DOC)

Some adjustments are being made to a pair of medium-security correctional facilities in WA state, including Coyote Ridge in Connell.

New Department of Corrections program taking effect

 According to the DOC, the new Best Bed Project will transfer over 300 inmates to the Clallam Bay Corrections Center located about 50 miles west of Port Angeles. Another 256 inmates will be transferred to the Coyote Ridge Facility at Connell.

Much of the movement is due to the closing of the Larch Correctional Center near Vancouver.

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The Coyote Ridge inmates will be medium to MI3 level. MI3 is a medium but long-term sentence, according to the DOC.

The Best Beds Project, according to DOC, is a new program:

"The Best Bed Project is dedicated to ensuring every incarcerated individual in our care and custody receives the housing assignment to serve their court-ordered sentence that gives them the mental health, educational, programming and health care access best suited to meet their needs."

" DOC recently decided to close Larch because of changes in sentencing laws, projections, and actual bed count that show the minimum-security beds at LCC are not needed for the foreseeable future."

Both facilities are expected to begin seeing these new inmates later this fall and winter.

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