Thursday afternoon, Benton County Sheriff's Deputies nabbed a pair of people who were illegally shooting off guns in an area that's now being heavily patrolled.

There's been a number of news accounts of no shooting signs being put up all over the pit area near the peak of McBee Road near Benton City, but that didn't stop 2 convicted felons.

Deputies took some reports of hearing gunfire in the area around 2:30pm, and found 36-year-old Brandon J. Search and 34-year-old Ariona R. Monson in the area, with guns and shell casings everywhere. They'd been shooting off a .40 caliber pistol.

Both were arrested on illegal weapons possession, especially since they're both convicted felons. Besides that charge they are facing illegal shooting as well. That area is property of the County, and numerous no shooting signs have been posted.

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