As of Tuesday, April 14, the Benton Franklin Health District reports a grand total of 561 cases of COVID-19. These include confirmed, probables, and deaths. Deaths are included as part of totals.

In Benton County 266 confirmed and 79 probable cases, in Franklin, 134 and 51.  Two more deaths reported, now 29 in Benton and 2 in Franklin County.  But to keep it in perspective:

  • Of the 31 deaths reported so far,  every person has been over the age of 61. Two  thirds of those are over the age of 70. The two most recent passings were both Benton County men in their 70's. 9 persons were in their 80's, 8 in their 90's.
  • Of the grand total (including deaths) of 561 cases, 303 are from three sources. They include 166 from 7 different assisted care/nursing facilities; 101 healthcare workers who've been exposed -- many in these homes-- and the 36 recent cases at the Tyson Foods plant.  That's 54 percent of all cases. If you subtract the deaths, that percentage climbs even higher. The rest of the cases are 'scattered' throughout the counties.
  • This data, while enlightening, does not tell how many of these individuals have compromised immune systems, or other pre-existing situations that enabled COVID-19 to take hold and cause sometimes significant issues.

The data charts at the BFHD website show although more cases are confirmed, the number of 'new' cases is flattening out. Increased testing, see the new and cumulative cases in their graph.

To see the latest BFHD data, click on the button below.

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