Gergen makes accusations (Culp Facebook)
Gergen makes accusations (Culp Facebook)

In a :30 minute hard-hitting video released Monday, Loren Culp's Campaign Manager Christopher Gergen said in no way is Culp going to concede the election, and he has "evidence" of fraud in Washington state's election for Governor.

Gergen is a former campaign manager for President Trump, who oversaw efforts in Florida and Oregon and elsewhere during the 2016 campaign. In 2015, he founded the nationally known Dark Horse Political

Gergen, around the 10:20 mark of the video, said members of his staff and even himself who have been digging and looking into the voter rolls and process, have been receiving threatening phone calls (on their personal cellphones) to back off and leave the results alone.  He said why would people be threatening the campaign if they had nothing to hide about voter fraud?

He went on to point a finger at Washington's Motor Voter Registration program. Gergen said WA State has a "rogue office, the Department of Licensing."  He said they refuse to work with the Secretary of State for voter security.

Gergen said there are many people in WA who are here legally on Visas, work visas, DACA and other programs,  but they are not legal citizens, and therefore cannot legally vote. Gergen said these people were registered automatically when they renewed their licenses. And, despite their status, they were sent ballots in the mail, by the thousands.

Gergen said these people are "good people, law abiding," but they didn't vote because of their status. He said they were aware of this.  However, Gergen says many of them found out when they checked the voter results and registration (I Voted) site, somebody had cast a ballot in their name.

Gergen says he has "a lot " of sworn affidavits attesting to this fraud, and many more are coming.  He also said although they don't have much hard evidence, there's plenty of indications dead people voted as well.

These affidavits, says Gergen, also show these people received phone calls or other contact from "people" urging them to vote, even though were not legally allowed to.

He says these, and other discrepancies clearly show how Inslee was able to gather up over "500,000" more votes that Culp.  The actual margin statewide was 580,000 plus. King County, which had 85.1 percent voter turnout, had 547,430 more Inslee than Culp votes alone.

Gergen also called out some GOP leadership, including House Minority Leader J.T. Wilcox, for "throwing his guy (Culp) under the bus."  Wilcox reportedly told the GOP Caucus and leadership he felt some of Culp's campaign rally techniques were "lowbrow" including speaking to and meeting mass crowds without wearing a mask.

Gergen said this is far from over, and lawsuits and more will be following. He appears to be ready to utilize his Dark Horse Political group to effect change in our state. He also referenced he's talked to one of President Trump's attorneys (someone he worked with in the 2016 campaign.

watch the hard hitting video below.

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