Governor Candidate Loren Culp held a rally on Clover Island Saturday evening, attracting close to 1,000 people of all ages by the time he spoke. The event ran from about 6:30 to just after 9PM.

This was his third such rally in our area, by far the largest so far.  It was not long ago he held one from the back of a truck. This one featured a band, Common Ground, a stage, lighting and more. Culp calls his rallies victory 'protests,' a not so subtle jab at Gov. Inslee, who has 'banned' rallies due to COVID, but allows "protests,"

Families, elderly and younger people, couples, a group called Bikers for Culp, and a wide variety of folks gathered in the parking lot on the East side of Clover island at 6:30PM. The event began with a series of performances by Common Ground; not sure the last time I heard Alice in Chains or Metallica at a political rally.

Many of Culp's people running the rally wore black shirts with a white outline picture of Culp and the #insubordinate.

Several guest speakers spoke between the music, including 16th District Senate Candidate Perry Dozier, and WA State GOP Chairman Caleb Heimlich.

The evening took a wild turn when a huge green semi rolled onto the lot, American flags flying, lights flashing, horn blaring, and Culp jumped out of the cab.

I heard from several informed sources that Culp's campaign has attracted very serious attention from a guitar slinging wild man rock star who appeared at the B-F Fair a few years ago. Fellow by the name of Ted Nugent. He is rumored to have offered some planning and theatrical 'advice' for how to stage these events. After watching this one, would not be surprised if that were the case.

Ge spoke passionately to the crowd for about 25-30 minutes, then stuck around to greet well wishers. The line stretched 4-5 wide and all the way across the parking lot. Culp addressed the pressing issues of the state--COVID, riots, police defunding, and what he feels is an unaddressed mental health crisis.

Counting those who arrived just prior to his speech, and a number of people on boats just off shore Clover Island, probably about 1,000 people attended

Sunday Culp will hold a similar event in Walla Walla.

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