A suspect wanted for a violent beating assault with the butt of a gun, as well as shattering windows and destroying property has been apprehended.

Over the weekend, Franklin County Sheriff's and Pasco Police corralled Ryan Bradfield, he was located and captured in the area of Bellevue and Eltopia West in Franklin County.

Bradford was wanted for a violent assault we told you about back on December 18th. He was accused of violating a no contact order by breaking into the home of his ex-girlfriend, assaulting her and taking her cellphone; then beating a man with the stock of a .22 rifle until it broke. He then fled from the 3:30AM assault scene but not before he broke out most of the windows in her home and her car outside.

Deputies and police had nearly caught him a few days ago, but he slipped away. However, his parents live in Eltopia, and his desire to stay close to the area did him in. He's now in the Franklin County jail on multiple charges.


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