Benton County Sheriff's on Sunday reported the male suspect in a string of break ins and truck theft is now behind bars.

Between last Thursday and Saturday the 26th through 28th, the suspect pictured in our story was accused of breaking into at least two homes.

Thursday, he was found INSIDE someone's home when they came back, the home in the area of 30th and Verberna in east Kennewick. The suspect walked out but not before the victim was able to take a picture. They called 911. Then Saturday morning around 2am, the SAME homeowners were awakened by the same suspect banging on their door. He then kicked in a sliding glass door. After being confronted, he ran, jumped in the victim's truck and sped off.

Then later that day, the same suspect was seen near Clodfelter and Glen Miller Roads, trying the same approach, kicking in a door. When the homeowner confronted him, the suspect drove away 'crazily,' actually hitting the home as he backed up in the truck. The truck was later found abandoned. It was returned to the owner.

The Monday, Benton County Sheriff's reported the suspect was located and arrested, and is in custody. Based upon information given from Sheriffs and others, it is possible this person has perhaps some mental issues. Officials credited his capture in part to numerous tips and information from citizens.

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