Yesterday, there was a bad crash on the roundabout off Columbia Drive when a car driving superfast missed the stop and actually jumped over another car. The driver of the light blue Mercury Grand Marquis, Randall Winsor (52), had just rear ended another driver named Joseph Witte (45) that was driving a GMC pickup on 395. Winsor then tried to run away at a high rate of speed according to news reports. Witte, who was interviewed in the video above, says he then followed Winsor off the exit towards Columbia Drive, watched him fail to stop, and then jump his car off the roundabout and over a van. the Dukes of Hazard. He clearly says "over" a van in the interview.

Needles to say the Mercury Grand Marquis was destroyed and Winsor is lucky he didn't kill someone including himself. He was taken to Trios and was reported in fair condition. Charges are pending.