Has to be an awful sinking feeling for one of these suspects. (Kennewick police)

Kennewick police say they're looking to identify one of two woman accused of a dine and dash at Denny's late Saturday night.

Police say two women allegedly left the restaurant on Kennewick and Highway 395 around 10:30pm without paying for their meal.  The suspect on the right in the image, wearing the maroon jacket, has been positively ID'd as Daniella Reyes, due in part to her leaving her cellphone on the table after they left.

The other woman on the left is still as yet unidentified. Kennewick police said on their social media Facebook page they'd love to return Reyes' phone to her, as well as get her papers for her upcoming court appearance due to the theft.

Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333.  All leads can be confidential.