Beginning June 17th, the Pasco School District will begin its summer breakfast and lunch feeding program, which will run through August 23rd.

 Various schools will offer food programs.

  PSD will begin offering breakfast and lunch shortly after school is out, and the meals will be served on a rotating basis between several elementary, middle and the two high schools.

Depending on which school is offering the meals during each window, breakfasts will start anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30 AM, with lunch anywhere from 11 AM to 12 PM.

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PSD says to note all meals must be eaten on-site, no to-go services will be provided. Below is the summer schedule:

  • Pasco High School, 1108 N 10th Avenue
    • June 17-July 3, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-9; 11-12:30
    • July 8-10, (Monday-Wednesday), 7:30-9; 11-12:45
    • Aug 12-16, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-8; 11:15-12
  • Whittier Elementary, 616 N. Wehe
    • June 17-July 3, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 11:30-12:45
  • Marie Curie STEM Elementary, 715 N. California Avenue
    • June 17-June 27, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9; 11:30-12:15
  • Stevens Middle School, 1120 N 22nd Avenue
    • July 9-Aug 8, (Tuesday-Thursday), 8:30-9; 12-12:45
  • Rosalind Franklin STEM Elementary, 6010 Road 62
    • June 17-Aug 23, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9:15; 11:30-12:30
  • James McGee Elementary, 4601 Horizon Drive
    • June 17-Aug 23, (Monday-Friday), 8:30-9:15; 11:30-12:30
  • Chiawana High School, 8125 W Argent Road
    • June 17-July 3, (Monday-Friday), 8-8:30; 11:30-12
    • Aug 12-16, (Monday-Friday), 7:30-8; 11:15-12

For additional details about the program, click here. 

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