May 7, going into the weekend, we posted a poll in a story we did, asking if you believe Inslee's "vaccine sections" at public events are discrimination.

Inslee has given "guidance" allowing venues (from churches to sporting arenas, theaters and others) to greatly expand their attendance if they institute vaccinated sections.

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These are only for people who can prove they are fully vaccinated against COVID (two doses where required).  The only problem is, this appears to meet one of the criteria for discrimination: denying a service, product or feature to one group, while offering it to another.

We looked Monday morning, and so far just over 95% of respondents to our poll believe such vaccinated sections are a form of discrimination.

These allowances put businesses in a bind. On one hand, they can greatly increase their capacity, making much needed revenue. But on the other hand, by doing so, they appear to be 'going along' with Inslee's policies of discrimination.

If you haven't taken the poll yet, click on the button below for the story.

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