It's fun, fascinating - even shocking!

Sunday, Oct. 20, marks the debut of The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett. On dozens of stations across the U.S. for years, Syrett takes you beyond where you thought your mind would let you go.

Syrett has been tackling these topics since the late 1990s and has earned the respected title of "Canada's Art Bell."

From environmental, to political, from unexplained phenomenon, to societal and economic issues, he tackles some of the most controversial topics of the day. With insightful guests, and evidence that makes you think, he explores what you previously thought was unthinkable.

Unlike some other so-called experts, Syrett engages in intelligent, thoughtful and sometimes controversial discussions. He gives you insight and information that makes you ponder, and reach your own conclusions.

Some of the revelations will shock you, others will have you thinking, "I'm glad somebody else sees this issue that way." And some will have you shaking your head. But you WILL want to listen!

Regardless of how much YOU believe in conspiracies, we ask you listen, and let go of the premise, "Oh, that could NEVER Happen!"

Join us for the debut of The Conspiracy Show, Sunday nights, 10-midnight, beginning October 20th only on Newstalk 870 KFLD.

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