The decision will now go to voters for a regional aquatic center.The Tri-Cities Regional Public Facilities District has decided to send the idea to voters, either in August or at a later date.  The proposal would be a 1/10 of 1% sales tax to fund the facility,  estimated to be about $35 million to build.   The proposed project would be on 28 acres near Sandifur Parkway off Road 100.

The City of Pasco paid 2.8 million for the land where the project would be built.   The original idea was to convert TRAC into an indoor aquatic center, but that idea fell through.  A thorough search has not turned up specific plans for what the center would contain, but preliminary indications were it would house a number of indoor pools that would attract a variety of swim meets and other events that could generate revenue for the region.

We think the big unanswered question is, does the Mid-Columbia really need an aquatic center?  It appears, and this is supported by public demand, the Tri-City area would benefit from a water park.   Such parks have been built at the Tri-City Court Club, another is being built at Columbia Basin Racquet Club in Richland, and the response has been overwhelming!

You may recall in 2011 there was a developer who said he was planning to put a water park near the very popular and widely-used Southridge Sports Complex (pictured in this article) but the project was shelved due to funding issues.

Officials say the aquatic center, because it's indoors, would be available year round.   We're asking for your opinion.  Take our poll!

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