Columbia Basin Dive Rescue and first responders remind folks despite the temptation, DON'T skate on the frozen ponds in our region.

Despite our bitter cold weather, and icy temps, those frozen ponds and small bodies of water are not assured to be safe to skate on.

Areas of water near Bateman Island, for example, are popular areas for people to slide and glide on during cold weather such as this. but Dive Rescue says the ice is still thin, and not guaranteed to support you.

Officials say at best the ice can be only 3/4 of an inch thick.  Even if it's an inch or slightly more, it's not enough to support an adult, or even a child, for any length of time. Dive Rescue also says many of the ponds, inlets and other frozen areas have what's called "black" or dark water, meaning if you fall through, it's going to be harder to find you to pull you out.

So, if you want to glide, head to the TRAC Ice Arena, or check the Toyota Arena (next to Toyota Center) for public skate times. Dive Rescue says it will cost a little bit of money (not bad!) but far less expensive than having you or a loved one drown because they fell through unsafe ice.


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