We continue with our challenge to Zerorez Tri-Cities, to see if they can restore some horrible carpet to human, living conditions.

Tyson from Zerorez was tasked with trying to make this carpet "clean" again.   In our previous videos we showed you the shocking amount of hair, dirt and gook left behind even after vacuuming!

After Tyson treated the carpet, and ran the Brush Pro over the rug to extract hair and bring up the carpet nap, or fibers,  he began the actual cleaning process.

Zerorez uses electrostatically (electricity) charged water, that changes the actual composition so it ACTS like soapy water, but doesn't have any.   It's safely hot, charged water, and it's then extracted with a hose that's got enough force to pick up a 15-lb. bowling ball!  WOW!. It's a patented process only for Zerorez.

And, is environmentally friendly.  They don't use ANY unsafe chemicals, solvents or cleaners...it's pretty amazing.

We captured through a special clear filter,  the actual gook coming out of the carpet.   Watch the video.  The swirling white stuff is leftover soap and residue from a traditional carpet clearning that was done a year ago, and the brown, well, that's dirt and gook left behind by the soapy, clunky cleaner.

And the best part?  The vacuum sucks up so much water after extracting the soap and dirt,  this carpet will be dry in less than two hours...even less in some cases.   Call (509)-582-9000 or just look them up on Facebook (Zerorez Tri-Cities) and tell them you want the August special,  3 rooms fully cleaned for just $99.    You'll want to sleep on the floor after they're done, it will feel so clean!

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