If you've tried Zerorez for your carpet cleaning, you know you'll NEVER have to rent those clunky, soapy narrow machines that just "play" with the dirt in your home and don't get rid of it. But now, those guys at Zerorez have another new machine that by itself cleans better than anyone.

Zerorez introduces the ZR Lifter, which lifts hair, lint and even dirt from your carpets even before they use their patented hot-water system. Then, they eletrostatically charge water to make it "think" it's soap, and it sucks all the gook from your carpets - without leaving soapy residue or dirt behind.  Fresh, clean water...and it dries FAST!

Tyson from Zerorez stopped by our station and showed off his new "toy!"  He likes it, and so do we. The ZR Lifter by itself gets your carpet cleaner than just about any traditional soapy machine, and he gave us a demonstration.  Watch the video, then call Zerorez at (509)-582-9000, and you're on your way to having carpet you will actually feel good about lying and walking on - and you kids will love it too. Or check them out on Facebook or online at zeroreztricities.com.

We use Zerorez, and swear by it.  Our carpets have NEVER been cleaner, and we've been in our home nearly 16 years!

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