Area of shooting in Kennewick (KPD)
Area of shooting in Kennewick (KPD)


Apparently, the same logic used by some people who commit crimes leads to other less than smart decisions.

Kennewick drive-by shooter calls 9-1-1 because he got hit

It's not uncommon for folks who are involved in altercations, gun-related or otherwise, to make trips to our area ER's later. But this one is a little different.

Around 3:10 PM Wednesday Kennewick Police responded to an area they are familiar with, North Cleveland Street. This incident was in the 1100 block, that general neighborhood has seen its share of incidents.

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The weapons disturbance, as Police called it, left numerous shell-casings in the road in what was an apparent drive-by shooting.  The incident resulted in a brief lock-down at Kamiakin HS to the south and even interrupted some after-school athletic practices, which resumed once Cleveland St was cleared.

  Police get a 9-1-1- call

A short time later, 23-year-old Adrian Torres-Garza called dispatchers to say he'd been shot in the hip. He was located and taken to an area hospital for a non-life-threatening injury. However, during the investigation, Police learned he was in fact one of the participants in the gunplay, and the incident was part of a gang-related ongoing issue.

After treatment, he was taken to the Benton County jail on various charges. Police say the investigation continues and it's likely more arrests will follow. No citizens were said to have been hurt in the incident.


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