KOMO-TV in Seattle reports police continue the investigation, and now the FAA has gotten involved this week.

The TV station reports as workers were preparing the facility for the annual New Year's Eve fireworks discharge the afternoon of December 31st, somebody crashed a small drone into the Space Needle!

Ron Sevart, who is the CEO and President in charge of operations at the landmark, joked that the drone tractor beam they installed on the Needle is working properly, this is apparently the third time recently they've recovered one of the small aerial units that hit the building.

A family visiting the Needle that afternoon were on the observation deck on top and saw the drone hovering close by, then it bounced off the structure. One of the propellers came off and it spiraled downward.  Witnesses say they think they spotted the pilot, but could not give a description of the man on the ground operating it. He reportedly flew it OVER the top of the 600 foot-plus tall structure before it crashed.

The drone and it's debris has been handed over to the FAA, it's unclear if the pilot would face charges if he's identified.

Click here for the KOMO Story and a video of the crash. From YouTube KOMO-TV and the Space Needle, more of the crash. This footage taken from the unit itself, which had a camera.


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