A woman who was apprehended for allegedly driving under the influence compounded her problems and is likely waking up with a sore foot today (Tuesday).

Monday evening Kennewick Police responded to a report of a vehicle driving "very" slowly; also witnesses said the vehicle was seen hitting the median. Officers didn't say where this incident took place, but likely somewhere the roads are separated and have a guardrail.

Upon arrival at the scene, after the car was located, it was discovered the driver had apparently hit a guard rail, and the two right-side tires were flat. During the stop, Officers determined the driver was DUI.

The driver, identified as 36-year-old Lindsey Kaye Dinsdale (Beeler), allegedly kicked one of the officers in the chest during her DUI apprehension.  However, due to the officer's bulletproof vest, he did not sustain any injuries. Her foot probably go the worst of it.

The assault occurred when Dinsdale was taken to a nearby hospital for a DUI blood draw. She was eventually booked into the Benton County Jail for DUI and pending 3rd Degree Assault.

Once again, Police remind people A) don't drink and drive or consume narcotics before getting behind the wheel, and B) don't compound things by assaulting or resisting an officer in situations like this. Now, the driver not only facing thousands in costs related to a likely DUI but an assault charge as well.

Not to mention a sore foot from an ill-advised kick.

This driver won't have to worry about the price of gas for a while...


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