The Franklin County Commissioners have approved another six-month moratorium on all marijuana-related business in the county, but for reasons that might surprise some.

Wednesday the commissioners not only passed their fifth such six month ban, but now say they are setting the stage to make it permanent. Officials say they wanted to wait and see what the Legislature did with the tax revenue that came in from the state pot stores.

Officials say the manner in which the money was shared with counties across the state did nothing to convince them to allow pot stores to set up in unincorporated areas of the county.

Some of the commissioners said the moratorium ban and long-term permanent plan are based upon results from the 2012 elections.  Breakdowns showed more than 66% of the voters in the unincorporated areas of the county voted against legalizing pot.  But Commissioner Brad Peck said it doesn't necessarily mean stores would be permanently banned from operating.

The county will draft a proposal that would permanently ban the growth, processing and sale of pot in these areas, but it could still be reviewed by the Franklin County Planning Commission and the State Department of Commerce, and it could change down the road.