It's that time of year, especially when those who live with their noses near air fresheners break out the scent spelled with two words. For some, it's 'yay!' For others, we can't print how they react.

Pumpkin spice is found virtually everywhere...from mochas to Scentsy burners. But some experts say that these scent spitting devices could be causing health issues for some.

Earlier this month, a school in Baltimore was evacuated when several students and teachers became sick. After the fire department was called in, it was determined the culprit was a pumpkin spice air freshener that had been left turned full blast on in an upstairs room. The affected people had complained of headaches, dizziness and some had nausea.

As far as back as 2009 the Journal of Clinical Nursing published a study about how odors and vapors from certain chemicals can cause health issues. Some compounds of chemicals and scents can interact to release what are called Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC's. They usually contain carbon, and quickly turn into vapor.

The Journal noted a study of 250 people, and found at least 60 or more them suffered from what is called multiple chemical sensitivity, and often were affected by such fresheners and scent generators. Just like odors generated by various sources, some air fresheners are irritants to these people, others are not.  Although it would take a serious amount of exposure, long-term effects of heavy doses can result in motor skill issues, and even liver damage over the years.

And it isn't just pumpkin spice, certain scents can affect these people, regardless of the season.

So, the next time somebody complains about the pumpkin spice air freshener or candle or other dispenser, they might not just be picky, it could be irritating the heck out of them.


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