Tyler Hoover, who goes by "Hoovie," is an automotive junkie, who has a YouTube channel with 1.42 million subscribers called "Hoovies Garage."  He takes an irreverent look at the world of cars, trucks, vehicles and more.

  Towing, work experiment with electric truck fails big time

In a video posted on September 23rd. 2022, on YouTube, Hoover describes his experience using a 2023 Ford Lightning EV (electric) pickup to tow an aluminum trailer carrying an antique 1930 Ford Model A Truck. He had recently purchased the antique truck.

  "A Complete and Total Disaster" is how the event went

Hoover was using a Lightning Lariat model, with a slightly smaller battery, reportedly giving it a range of about 230 total miles.  He planned to put 128 miles on the truck, making two trips from point A to point B. Two of the trips were to be the empty trailer.

A Ford 150 EV is pictured here.

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He lost 3 miles of range loading and driving out of his neighborhood.  He did commend the acceleration and the torque of the truck. However, he said part way into the trip he had used 20 miles of range to travel only ten miles.

He said the range was dropping rapidly, early on in the video. The truck appeared to have terrific power and capability, but the range, or battery life, was "dropping like a stone."

Basically, even with an empty trailer, Hoover said he lost 2x the range compared to the mileage driven.  He used up about 70 miles of range to travel only 35.

On the return trip with both antique vehicles (he'd also bought a car) he noted they were only about 2,200 pounds each.

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Once he loaded the antique car, he found it took 4 miles of range off to travel 1 mile early in the trip. He found he had used 90 miles of range to travel 30 miles.

He did praise the capabilities performance-wise, but when it came to battery life and range, he said "this truck can't do normal truck things."  The YouTube video of this event is below.

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