More fallout from the Federal Government's shocking and failed Fast And Furious gun running program; the ATF field agents who first told of the government deliberately running guns to Mexican drug lords are being singled out and punished.

Fast And Furious was a botched attempt to allow guns to be illegally sold to low level criminals and gun runners from shops along the border with the hopes of the trail leading up the chain inside drug cartels; allowing ATF and government agents to more easily apprehend top level drug kings.  As controversial as that sounds, it got worse then field agents testified to Congress that they were prevented from following the guns, chasing leads, and making the arrests the program was supposedly designed to generate.  The Fast And Furious controversy exploded when Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout with drug dealers by a weapon traced back to the F&F program; and numerous documents and emails show that Attorney General Eric Holder had to have known of the existance of the program.    Now, the agents who risked their careers and even their lives to blow the whistle are being retaliated against.   The ATF cannot fire them, due to complicated laws, but the agents have been demoted, transferrered, and blackballed.  The supervisors who were implicated by the testimony have been moved into other same level positions and even promoted!  

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