It's like going back in time, for many, into a nightmare. You remember back in 2012 when former Attorney General Eric Holder refused to turn over documents related to one of the biggest Department of Justice Scandals, Fast and Furious (FAF)? Now they're coming out.

According to, the documents are going to be released by the Trump Administration. Between September 2009 and December 2010, the FAF program allowed drug dealers and cartels to illegally obtain thousands of high powered weapons for use in the drug trade. The reported purpose of the program was to 'track' the guns, hoping it would lead ATF (Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms) and other federal officials to the 'top' of the drug cartels. Then they could target and arrest the leaders.

But instead, the only thing the program accomplished was hundreds of more deaths in the Mexican and other drug wars, and then in 2010 US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed in a shootout with drug dealers. As it turns out, many of the weapons (including the one which killed him) were traced back to the FAF program.

ATF agents willingly and knowingly allowed these AK-47's, handguns and even machine guns to be trafficked by the drug dealers. Officials say hundreds, of not several thousand Mexican people died directly at the hands of these guns, proven by forensic evidence from abandoned weapons found at crime scenes.

Holder and Obama refused to release documents that many say will conclusively prove what's already known--that FAF was created and overseen by the highest levels of officials at the Department of Justice, including Holder himself. Obama used Executive Privilege to keep them from being released after Holder was found in contempt by Congress.

The case blew wide open with the death of Agent Terry and was followed by hundreds of coverups and other illegal movements designed to throw off investigators. DOJ did not give a specific timetable as to when the documents will be released.

It's considered one of the biggest scandals in Department of Justice history.

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