Joining San Francisco, who's already filed papers in court, the City of Seattle Wednesday announced it is suing over having Federal Department of Justice funds yanked for being an open sanctuary city.

Mayor Ed Murray said Wednesday, according to NBC News, "we are not breaking any laws, and we are prioritizing safety,"  obviously referring to the city's open and defiant policy of not assisting ICE or other Federal agencies-even hindering their efforts.

Gov. Jay Inslee in February signed an executive order making Washington state a 'sanctuary state,' essentially meaning any city or county doesn't have to uphold Federal immigration laws or assist Federal agencies in pursuing illegals.

While Inslee claims the state will honor Federal arrest warrants for known illegal criminals, as for efforts to locate, pursue and detain them, that's off the table. Seattle even has statutes on it's books, from last year, that clearly make it a sanctuary city.

Earlier this week Attorney General Jeff Sessions said the Federal government will consider cities sanctuary status when it comes to the nearly $4.1 billion in grants and assistance that Justice awards to communities. They will also pull such funding already in place for cities like Seattle, who openly defy Federal immigration efforts.


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